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Posted by D on Monday, April 09, 2012

Got back from Korean BBQ not that long ago - kind of an atypical way to finish off the Easter weekend. It was really good to just have tons of food, great conversation and even better company (went with M, S, L, A, A, and D). Coming back up to our floor, we were kind of struck with the realization that there's only a limited number of times left in which M, L and I will walk down this hall, each going to a different door, in a row, in the wee hours of morning, like this. And that's kind of sad. 

To say that this weekend has been... unproductive would be a bit of an understatement. Basically haven't done anything that should've logistically been taken care of, but a break was needed, considering all things. Have eaten out so many times over the past couple of days, it's kind of crazy. 

Met up with A.W. yesterday, ended up going to a pho place and then just kind of wandering around campus and chatting until about 1:30am. It was nice catching up, not having seen him in a couple years. And again, it was interesting to see the POV of someone a little older, maybe a little wiser. 

Night before that (so Friday night), went out for dinner at Jack Astor's with M & S, and then M ended up joining us for The Hunger Games movie. All things considered, the movie was really well done. And considering that I read the book in April of 2009, it's been exactly 3 full years. I don't even feel like the same person any more.   
I guess this chronology is going backwards, hehe. Got up relatively early (/not really, but kind of, considering Quad Party was the night before) and grabbed brunch with Y.L. and her friend at an Oliver & Bonacini restaurant. I got the BLT ^ which was pretty yummy (but didn't feel that healthy, unfortunately).

Yeah, probably back to res food tomorrow. But meal plan is starting to run low, alas, alack!

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