second year, wrapping up

Posted by D on Friday, April 06, 2012

It's been an absolutely insane last couple of days (well, these past few weeks/this entire year, really). Yesterday was the last day of classes, as well as the day of my third final exam. Two more to go. Crazy to think that second year has flown by so quickly - it feels like Frosh Week was maybe only a month ago. But here we are, back at this time of year again.

Quad Party last night, and we actually made it there this year, whoop whoop! So bittersweet. Song that finished it off was Journey's Don't Stop Believing - the best way to end the night. DJs for the night were Kashtin, @KASELmusic and Cal of Salacious Sound - some pretty epic beats were played.

Life chats with some of the best for a while afterwards, then roomies trial run with M until about 4am. Grabbed a late brunch with Y & her friend, so basically running on very little sleep right now. No time to nap though - dinner + The Hunger Games movie tonight. Pretty excited to see how it turned out, especially since I've been hearing a lot of great things about the film adaptation.

I first read The Hunger Games in April of 2009 (before all the hype and everything). It's a little bit mind-blowing that it's been 3 full years since then. Where did the time go? Why...

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