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Brodinski & Gesaffelstein @ Wrongbar (Bromance Tour)

There always seems to be a fine line for when to recap events. Immediately afterwards, there's the afterglow that you just want to bask in alone. Waiting too long leads to forgetting some of the finer details and the atmosphere left behind though.

In any case, as part of the Bromance Tour, Brodinski & Gesaffelstein, two French DJs, played at Wrongbar last Saturday (Jan. 21st, 2012). Amazing experience, great music, excellent night.

I bought my ticket online a bit before 9pm, which is pretty spontaneous for me. M & L can make a pretty convincing case though, and I'm really glad I went. It was the first time I'd been to a DJ-centric live event/rave (if we're not counting seeing Far East Movement at Kool Haus in April 2011).

Alas, we forgot to get a photo of the three of us before leaving. Really good timing on just catching the streetcar, and we got into line around 11pm. And then we were stuck outside waiting for a good forty-some minutes in the cold, which was a bummer (and we missed Destructo too). We get inside finally and find out coat check is full too. So with our coats and a beer each, we start making our way towards the front.
With a few minor blips at the beginning, mostly everyone was there for the music and it was just a great time. We spent pretty much the entire time dancing up at the front. The music was great, the dancing was great, the DJs were great. French DJs, oh man. And as it was the Bromance Tour, it was really adorable how Brodinski and Gesaffelstein were helping each other out on the equipment and stuff (excuse my lack of lingo knowledge).

Rynecologist made a ton of hilarious faces on stage too. So many cigarettes though! Seemed like they went through maybe a pack each? The fun went on until sometime just after 3, and we cabbed it back just prior to 4am, all hyped up and high on music and dancing. All in all, a great experience that left us all in consensus that we should listen to M more often ;)
With 8MP, the iPhone 4S has a decent camera, but it has nothing on DSLRs. The Anonymous Society posted better photos.

here's to the new

It's currently 3:13am, which means it's Wednesday, which means we're about midway through the 3rd week back. Which is completely insane - it feels like the first week, then the second, and now the third, have pretty much sped by. We're hovering someplace between 3/8ths and half-way through undergrad, and somehow I still feel just as lost as I did when I got here in first year, wide-eyed and curious. Maybe lost isn't the right word - that would imply an origin point to get lost from. Haven't fully found yet, perhaps.

It honestly feels like the more I learn, the less I know.

But maybe that's okay. Maybe that's good. Maybe that's necessary.

Regardless of anything else, I know I want to keep on learning, keep on growing... and maybe that's enough. For now, anyway.

We ordered late night (read: early morning) delivery for the first time in 2012, justifying it as "belated Chinese New Year" food, reminiscent of this time last year. Some days, it's still hard to believe that it's been a year and a half already. 2010 was a pretty crazy year. 2011 was even crazier.

But on New Years Eve, I found myself wondering what exactly happened those two years. I mean, sure, there are major happenings that really jump out - but beyond that, everything seems to blur together. 2012, I want to document,

To quote Odysseus from Troy:

"Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity. And so we ask ourselves: will our actions echo across the centuries? Will strangers hear our names long after we are gone, and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved?" 
I hope so.

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