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floor feels empty

Endings have a penchant to lend themselves to reflection naturally, methinks. At the finale of one chapter, one aspect, one episode, it's almost inevitable to look back on all that's happened and analyze it. Cultivate fond memories, personal growth, character development... & then apply that to the next adventure that's about to begin. 

Friday night (the 27th), we bid farewell to second year, so to speak. 15 of us headed to Biff's Bistro (another Oliver & Bonacini restaurant) at about 8pm. The original plan was to do the oyster bar + head to karaoke. But alas, the oysters had sold out (700 in 1.5 hours!) by the time we arrived, & we ended up substituting a Bollywood movie for karaoke. In spite of all the changes, it was still a pretty perfect night with some of the greatest people. 
Poached Shrimp Cocktail
SOMA Artisanal Ice Cream / Sorbet
Gin & Tonic (with Biff's house tonic) 
It goes without saying that the company was amazing. The food was definitely up to par as well - the ice cream desert was heavenly. The blueberry basil (left) was a little too sweet, but the Peruvian dark chocolate (right) was perfect. Finishing the night off with watching Kal Ho Naa Ho with subtitles, sprawled in the common room for one of the last times we would all be together before jetting off for separate summer adventures, was both humorous and emotional. 

Ended up falling asleep in M's room while chatting with L & S into the wee hours of morning. Literally the last time we'll have done the whole late night life chats in M's res room thing. The floor feels oddly empty and quiet without them. 

This night was definitely in stark contrast to the one before (Thursday), spent at a stereotypical student-dominated pub. Especially for S - it's not done 'til he says it's done ;)

Third last sleep in my res room. Clearly I'm just trying to put it off - gotta get up early(ish) for brunch tomorrow though, so time to crash. Cheers!


Flights are now booked. European adventure this summer just got a little more solid, a little more definitely-happening, a little more real.

And in terms of general resolve in regards to another aspect of plans to come: challenge accepted. I'll see you there. Promise.

(photo taken in December, 2011 - en route from Boston to Toronto, I think?)

uncertainty = uncool

So summer plans may have just shifted [pretty radically] again. Possibly, maybe. We'll see. So much is contingent on so much else that it's really hard to be sure of anything right now. Which is bad because a) major decisions need to be made asap, b) not feeling in control while stressed to begin with is doubly not good, & c) working with a short time frame, decisions need to be made. asap.

This past week has been a crazy whirlwind of really late nights (iow wee hours of morning) and really early mornings (iow early mornings). Casual events like late night metro runs, junk food and life chats just feel more significant now, since there are only a limited number of them left this semester. Spending a decent amount of time at the gym lately too, starting to incorporate upper body resistance training as well, woohoo.

In between figuring out summer and housing next year and just chilling, it's so easy to forget that school's technically not over yet - I still have exams. Exams which I'm currently not in very good shape for, and should definitely get cracking on. I'm afraid I'll forget to do something really important. Been doing a decent amount of thinking lately too, maybe a bit of growing. Hopefully. Some pretty drastic changes are going to take place soon. Need to be more instinctive about some things, and maybe less impulsive about others. Motto remains nullum desiderium though.

Made brunch with C the other day (Tuesday?) (okay, so she made mac & cheese while I kind of just watched) - it was really good catching up and everything. Things will improve. After finding out some minor obstacle-esque news this morning re: summer, met possible sublet-er with J & M. She seems nice. Hope it works out. Stuck around and had lunch with M & A afterwards. Definitely a pleasant surprise to see A impromptu, since this year's been so busy and there hasn't been a whole lot of interaction.

Getting into a complacent pattern of tomorrows; 's not good. Need to fully wake up. Hope everything turns out okay.

weekend's end

Got back from Korean BBQ not that long ago - kind of an atypical way to finish off the Easter weekend. It was really good to just have tons of food, great conversation and even better company (went with M, S, L, A, A, and D). Coming back up to our floor, we were kind of struck with the realization that there's only a limited number of times left in which M, L and I will walk down this hall, each going to a different door, in a row, in the wee hours of morning, like this. And that's kind of sad. 

To say that this weekend has been... unproductive would be a bit of an understatement. Basically haven't done anything that should've logistically been taken care of, but a break was needed, considering all things. Have eaten out so many times over the past couple of days, it's kind of crazy. 

Met up with A.W. yesterday, ended up going to a pho place and then just kind of wandering around campus and chatting until about 1:30am. It was nice catching up, not having seen him in a couple years. And again, it was interesting to see the POV of someone a little older, maybe a little wiser. 

Night before that (so Friday night), went out for dinner at Jack Astor's with M & S, and then M ended up joining us for The Hunger Games movie. All things considered, the movie was really well done. And considering that I read the book in April of 2009, it's been exactly 3 full years. I don't even feel like the same person any more.   
I guess this chronology is going backwards, hehe. Got up relatively early (/not really, but kind of, considering Quad Party was the night before) and grabbed brunch with Y.L. and her friend at an Oliver & Bonacini restaurant. I got the BLT ^ which was pretty yummy (but didn't feel that healthy, unfortunately).

Yeah, probably back to res food tomorrow. But meal plan is starting to run low, alas, alack!


moon moving across the sky
air breezing through the window cracks
music filling the empty space (in between)

mind too full...stomach too empty

stop - go - cold - hot - why:not
this, that
of opposites

second year, wrapping up

It's been an absolutely insane last couple of days (well, these past few weeks/this entire year, really). Yesterday was the last day of classes, as well as the day of my third final exam. Two more to go. Crazy to think that second year has flown by so quickly - it feels like Frosh Week was maybe only a month ago. But here we are, back at this time of year again.

Quad Party last night, and we actually made it there this year, whoop whoop! So bittersweet. Song that finished it off was Journey's Don't Stop Believing - the best way to end the night. DJs for the night were Kashtin, @KASELmusic and Cal of Salacious Sound - some pretty epic beats were played.

Life chats with some of the best for a while afterwards, then roomies trial run with M until about 4am. Grabbed a late brunch with Y & her friend, so basically running on very little sleep right now. No time to nap though - dinner + The Hunger Games movie tonight. Pretty excited to see how it turned out, especially since I've been hearing a lot of great things about the film adaptation.

I first read The Hunger Games in April of 2009 (before all the hype and everything). It's a little bit mind-blowing that it's been 3 full years since then. Where did the time go? Why...

Already April

There are so many implications to that.

Time is slipping through my fingers like frolicking minnows; I need them to slow down just a little so that I can catch up.

I need better control over my own mind.

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