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Posted by D on Friday, April 13, 2012

So summer plans may have just shifted [pretty radically] again. Possibly, maybe. We'll see. So much is contingent on so much else that it's really hard to be sure of anything right now. Which is bad because a) major decisions need to be made asap, b) not feeling in control while stressed to begin with is doubly not good, & c) working with a short time frame, decisions need to be made. asap.

This past week has been a crazy whirlwind of really late nights (iow wee hours of morning) and really early mornings (iow early mornings). Casual events like late night metro runs, junk food and life chats just feel more significant now, since there are only a limited number of them left this semester. Spending a decent amount of time at the gym lately too, starting to incorporate upper body resistance training as well, woohoo.

In between figuring out summer and housing next year and just chilling, it's so easy to forget that school's technically not over yet - I still have exams. Exams which I'm currently not in very good shape for, and should definitely get cracking on. I'm afraid I'll forget to do something really important. Been doing a decent amount of thinking lately too, maybe a bit of growing. Hopefully. Some pretty drastic changes are going to take place soon. Need to be more instinctive about some things, and maybe less impulsive about others. Motto remains nullum desiderium though.

Made brunch with C the other day (Tuesday?) (okay, so she made mac & cheese while I kind of just watched) - it was really good catching up and everything. Things will improve. After finding out some minor obstacle-esque news this morning re: summer, met possible sublet-er with J & M. She seems nice. Hope it works out. Stuck around and had lunch with M & A afterwards. Definitely a pleasant surprise to see A impromptu, since this year's been so busy and there hasn't been a whole lot of interaction.

Getting into a complacent pattern of tomorrows; 's not good. Need to fully wake up. Hope everything turns out okay.

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