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Posted by D on Sunday, April 29, 2012

Endings have a penchant to lend themselves to reflection naturally, methinks. At the finale of one chapter, one aspect, one episode, it's almost inevitable to look back on all that's happened and analyze it. Cultivate fond memories, personal growth, character development... & then apply that to the next adventure that's about to begin. 

Friday night (the 27th), we bid farewell to second year, so to speak. 15 of us headed to Biff's Bistro (another Oliver & Bonacini restaurant) at about 8pm. The original plan was to do the oyster bar + head to karaoke. But alas, the oysters had sold out (700 in 1.5 hours!) by the time we arrived, & we ended up substituting a Bollywood movie for karaoke. In spite of all the changes, it was still a pretty perfect night with some of the greatest people. 
Poached Shrimp Cocktail
SOMA Artisanal Ice Cream / Sorbet
Gin & Tonic (with Biff's house tonic) 
It goes without saying that the company was amazing. The food was definitely up to par as well - the ice cream desert was heavenly. The blueberry basil (left) was a little too sweet, but the Peruvian dark chocolate (right) was perfect. Finishing the night off with watching Kal Ho Naa Ho with subtitles, sprawled in the common room for one of the last times we would all be together before jetting off for separate summer adventures, was both humorous and emotional. 

Ended up falling asleep in M's room while chatting with L & S into the wee hours of morning. Literally the last time we'll have done the whole late night life chats in M's res room thing. The floor feels oddly empty and quiet without them. 

This night was definitely in stark contrast to the one before (Thursday), spent at a stereotypical student-dominated pub. Especially for S - it's not done 'til he says it's done ;)

Third last sleep in my res room. Clearly I'm just trying to put it off - gotta get up early(ish) for brunch tomorrow though, so time to crash. Cheers!

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