Posted by D on Monday, April 16, 2012

Flights are now booked. European adventure this summer just got a little more solid, a little more definitely-happening, a little more real.

And in terms of general resolve in regards to another aspect of plans to come: challenge accepted. I'll see you there. Promise.

(photo taken in December, 2011 - en route from Boston to Toronto, I think?)


  1. AHH!!! So fun. Where are you going?!?!

  2. That's amazing! Good luck with planning it. I'm super envious, and I only just went (for the first time) in February!

  3. enjoy your summer european adventure! you'll love it.

    thanks for the visit and the sweet comment!
    warm wishes.

  4. oh that sounds amazing! where do you plan to go (apart from germany)? and which places in germany? you need to go to Hamburg, the baltic sea and Berlin! :)
    thanks for you sweet comment. I hope you have an amazing trip!

    and a cute blog you have here. new follower!
    xx Nora


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