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Zedd @ Sound Academy

After missing Zedd at the Hoxton the last time he was here back in November, I bought my ticket well in advance this time (i.e. immediately after M tipped me off that tickets had gone on sale).
On Friday, March 22nd, Sound Academy was completely packed; I believe at point Zedd said there were 700 to 800 people there. The crowd was a bit more mixed than the usual electronic events at smaller venues; this review of the November show mentions a clubbing crowd and lack of adequate dancing room, which also held true for this show.

Andy Ares was the first opening act, and did a great job pumping up the crowd. KOAN Sound, a duo from Bristol, UK, was up next and kept the party going (unfortunately didn't manage to snap any photos of their set).
Finally the musical maestro, Zedd, took the stage himself. By this point, the energy on the floor was practically palpable.

The set was exactly what you would expect from Zedd - an upbeat selection of his own tracks and remixes. The classics, Clarity, Spectrum, Stars Come Out, Shave it Up, etc. were played, of course. Notable remixes included the likes of Titanium and Swedish House Mafia. The light show was fairly spectacular as well, and really contributed to setting the vibe.
Zedd worked some insane build-ups to drops. The crowd turned into a writhing mass, helpless but to follow his command. In such a large venue, it made sense that he had to be on an elevated platform, but at the same time, it was kind of a bummer that he was so far removed from the crowd.
Whenever he spoke, the crowd roared in approval. When the final track fizzled to its end, the crowd demanded one more song. And the leader compiled, commanding everyone to sit down, building up the music, and then the sweat-drenched crowd surged to life, jumping hard enough to bring the place down.
Overall, Zedd played a phenomenal set, as could be expected. With a packed line-up of three relentless acts, the show was one unending wave of energy.

March[ing] Forward

March seems to be a good moth for big news. It's hard to believe that it was this month, a year ago, that Eurotrip 2012 really became a feasible option.

Received some fantastic news today that has left me feeling incredibly happy and kind of validated. While it's not quite the same tier as finding out that I'd be heading to Germany for the summer, it's still really awesome. (And besides, March is still young, there's time yet for more to come!) (Ironically, the 27th has significance in this instance too.)

It's been a weird couple of weeks. A number of people I've been having some difficulty getting a clear read on, myself included. But if today's been any indication, hopefully things will start looking up.

For now though, blissful sleep. After all, tomorrow's going to be another massive day.

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