Posted by D on Saturday, December 28, 2013

You know in television shows, where they have those filler episodes? How they're still important, because they wrap up things that have already happened, or set the groundwork for things to come? Comparatively speaking, 2013 is a bit like that. Bookended by two very important years, to some extent, it was a bit inevitable that it be a bit more tame in terms of major changes.
2012 was huge for a number of reasons (mostly because of the many firsts that took place): living on my own for the first time, taking my first solo international flight, moving to Germany, being in Europe for the first time, backpacking around, traveling to five new countries, etc. 2014 is already set to be a monumental year, if not the most monumental year yet - finishing university (undergraduate studies, anyway), convocation, moving... (There'll [almost definitely] be [at least] one major move [if not two] this upcoming year.)

To pull a line from my first post of 2013: "But 2013 is a learning year, an improving year, an ongoing process." I think it's fair to say that in hindsight, that statement has held true. 2014 will still be a work in progress (but then again, isn't everything? Isn't there always room for improvement?), but it's also set to be full of the greatest adventures yet. Beyond excited for sure.

Here we go :)

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