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Posted by D on Monday, December 09, 2013

...I'd had the [mis]fortune of all my end-of-term assessments crammed into the last week of classes/first week of December, and it was not good times. This year, the timeline was even worse - six (6!) assessments (an assortment of exams and papers) crammed into the span of a week. I seem to have emerged on the other side though, so success! In any case, updates have been really sparse this semester, so here are a few photos:
^ Found the best white hot chocolate, guys. aroma expresso bar - check them out! (If anyone has any recommendations for fantastic hot chocolate/expresso/winter drinks, I'm open to suggestions.) Met up with A here - it was the first time I'd seen him in months, so it was great catching up. We also ran into C (who lived across the hall from me in residence during my second year and her fourth year) there, which was a pleasant surprise.
^ Word on the Street, back in September. J and I had gone together the previous three years, but unfortunately we didn't manage to meet up this time around for round four.
Indian food! With M's LMP people.
Sushi! With M & S.
Diner food! With M, S & S.

Normally, I actually like cooking - it's a doubly beneficial activity in that the act itself is de-stressing, and as an output, you get yummy food. But this semester, I can literally count on one hand the number of times I've cooked in the last three and half months. It's pretty sad. Looking forward to heading home for the winter holidays and having some awesome home-cooked meals.

(And now that I'm technically done for the term - today, while procrastinating, I made the following: chili, a lemon meringue pie, ribs, pork chop (just one!), and long beans. Yay!)

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