2012 in Review

Posted by D on Sunday, December 30, 2012


  • Started the chronicling on this blog   
  • Saw Brodinski & Gesaffelstein perform at Wrongbar on their Bromance tour


  • Partook in Winterlicious at The Host - my first food festival
  • Went to Megan Crewe's signing at Bakka Pheonix Books
  • Attended the Razorbill Launch Party (Penguin's YA imprint) - first publishing industry event
  • Passed by Maggie Q on the street, but was too starstruck to say anything 
  • NAMUN XXVII ~ Reading Week




  • Flew to Detroit, then Amsterdam, then Cologne (first solo international flight)
  • Moved to Germany for summer Eurotrip adventure/internship 
  • Started the internship
  • Turned 20 
  • Explored Cologne with N & her boyfriend 
  • Adjusted to German living, explored locally
  • Backpacking in Belgium (BrusselsBrugge, Ghent) - first time backpacking, staying in a hostel, CouchSurfing, etc.


  • First round of farewells to other interns
  • First boat trip down the Rhine (to Unkel)   
  • Visited Maastricht (the Netherlands) & Aachen (Germany)
  • Chill period of staying in town, just hanging out with E & M, C & J, other UN interns
  • Deustche Welle Global Media Forum (#DWGMF)
  • Flew to London, England; explored the city with S & A


  • Spent Canada Day in Trafalgar Square, London, UK with S 
  • Met up with J, who was the fourth-year-next-door in res when I was in first year in London
  • Traveled to Paris by train, explored with S & L, took a over-night bus back in time for work
  • Toe injury, missed out on Berlin & Basel+Munich
  • Finished the internship, packed & bid tschüss to Deutschland 



  • Moved into the apartment with M & J
  • Started third year 
  • Attended Word on the Street with J for the third year in a row


  • Saw Flight Facilities live at the Hoxton
  • #schoolstress



  • #seriousschoolstress - to the point of wondering whether it'd be physically possible to finish everything in time
  • finished the semester, chillaxed
All in all, 2012 has been an absolutely amazing year of new experiences and first times, great food and even greater people, hard work and easy fun, chill music and exciting travels... Here's to continuing the trajectory and 2013 being even better! Cheers :)


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome and unforgettable year! Wishing you an equally exciting New Year 2013.


  2. Wow, what an amazing year!! :) Where in Germany did you live? And I love Maggie Q! Hope your 2013 is filled with as much excitement and travels!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness it sounds like you had a wonderful and adventurous 2012! I'm jealous of your many travels. I hope 2013 will be just as exciting for you!

  4. 2012 does sound like a year of change for you! Best wishes for 2013.


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