Posted by D on Thursday, November 29, 2012

"I planned it out perfect, practiced and rehearsed it. I could see it every time I closed my eyes. I'm on the right track, but took a wrong turn. I made a sure bet, and I still got burned.

I'm at the right place, but at the wrong time. I had my one shot but forgot the line, I'm always stuck in second place. But I know one day I'm going to win this race."
- Faber Drive, Too Little Too Late
On the one hand, I finish everything school work-wise the first week of December. On the other hand, literally everything is crammed within the next week and it's just too much/not physically possible to get it all done in time/+ all those extra-curricular commitments/just cannot deal.

Too little sleep is also resulting in rapid fluctuations in terms of energy levels, mood, hunger, and just about everything else. Deprived to the point of falling asleep in class, yet I can't seem to sleep at night. Alternately super excited [about lots of things] and questioning everything. Pretty much live at the library these days. At the end of the day, just have to remember that it's all #firstworldproblems.

These choco max brownie bars are basically keeping me going. One more week.

Also - this. (Thought Catalog - Girls Have the Right to Own Themselves)

Also, also - saw Faber Drive perform live last weekend with J - got to touch Faber's hand and snagged Krikit's bass pick. Photos/video to come!

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