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Posted by D on Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When dreams and reality converge, maybe they're collaborating to try and tell me something. Consider the message received then - loud & clear. Maybe there's been a bit of misinterpretation tied in, but that's okay. No point in expending time or energy wondering though; it is what it is. 

Considering how packed tomorrow is (completely go-go-go), writing this post is probably the last thing I should be doing right now. Especially since the days following won't be any easier/less packed either. Really mixed feelings about tomorrow - a bit of apprehension, a bit of nervousness, a bit of worry, a bit of just wanting to get the entire day & night over with and cram in a couple precious hours of sleep. 
Saw some pretty sweet street art with M & J yesterday. Very intricately done flowers - there were 2 of these green ... structure-things, and both were covered with flowers on all sides exposed outwards. (Also - just noticed that the blogspot URLs have switched to '.ca' - what's up with that?)

Made dinner with M last night. She baked ribs (which finished about half an hour after we finished eating, so they aren't pictured) & sauteed onions, carrots & spinach (interesting combination!) and I made [instant/add water-milk-butter] bacon carbonara pasta. It all turned out pretty decent. I'm actually a little excited to do some cooking this summer, and maybe have a potted garden...

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