is this real life?

Posted by D on Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"I will break these chains that bind me. Happiness will find me, leave the past behind me. A whole new world is waiting; it's mine for the taking. I know I can make it - today my life begins. "

- Bruno Mars, Today My Life Begins

The last couple of days have been absolutely insane - everything is happening so quickly and I feel like I need a moment just to take it all in. Handed in my last paper of second year yesterday. Signed the lease for living arrangements for the next year. And that thing I'd talked about feeling nervous/apprehensive about? Yeah, it ended up working out, in an amazing way - I got it! 

I think I'm simultaneously beyond ecstatic/excited and scared out of my mind. This would be such a huge step - it could be huge in terms of personal growth and development and gaining maturity and independence. But it's also very intimidating; having been on residence for the past two years, I've never lived on my own before. And to do it for the first time not only in a different country, but also a different continent? Insanity.  

I've wanted to travel, and always assumed that I would, eventually, sooner or later - some day. But literally - it could be happening like now. (Well, in like a month sort of now, but still.) That blog description I plopped in back in January? "Starstruck by the big city?" Really hit me when I flew down during March Break of 12th grade to tour the campus/city. 

"Wanderlust-struck by the world?" Still hasn't fully sunk in yet, but that could actually happen. Like this summer. Only have to dare to do it. 

Challenge accepted. 

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  1. i missed your message on fb (had already gone to bed by then)

    but if you have questions just let me know :)


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