Posted by D on Sunday, February 05, 2012

In kind of a weird mood tonight and not really wanting to do anything. The past 48 hours or so have fluctuated from really happy/excited to basically indifferent. Maybe once I re-regulate my sleeping schedule, things'll mellow out. 

Was supposed to meet up with M for brunch yesterday, but her phone glitched out and she overslept. -_- Android. Wasn't particularly productive for the rest of the day, but I did manage to get the majority of the requisite tasks done. Swung by the pub sometime around 11, but we were pretty late and tab was already finished :( oh well. 

Also partook in Winterlicious today - 10 of us went for brunch at The Host at 1pm today - delicious! I'd been craving Indian food, so it was nice to finally get some butter chicken :) Unfortunately I didn't get any food shots. 

Got to Bakka Pheonix Books sometime past 3:30 for Megan Crewe's launch party for her latest release The Way We Fall. Unfortunately I missed the reading/speech, but I did run into A there, which was nice. Got a copy of the book autographed, of course. 
M ended up dropping by for dinner, so we did get to catch up after all. But I was basically really unproductive for the rest of the afternoon. And then the evening. And tonight. And there's the chronicle of my really unproductive last two days, woohoo.

I promise to accomplish lots tomorrow - I have to.

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