2012: one month mark

Posted by D on Friday, February 03, 2012

Crazy to think that it's already February. It feels like January flashed by in a whirlwind of classes (enrolled + audited), meetings, readings and chilling. Which is good and bad - good in that a lot happened, a lot got done - but bad in that a lot of stuff I'd hoped to get done didn't.

Finally made it out to the gym tonight; it wasn't a crazy workout by any means (pretty lax, if anything), but it felt really good to be back and moving.

There's just been a lot to think about, decisions to be made, futures to be contemplated. And not enough time to do all of it in. Wow, this post is pretty much incoherent and pointless, but hey, it's been a number of consecutive long weeks and it's 2:36 in the morning and could really use a rest this weekend - but it'll be go, go, go! Which is probably for the best anyway.

A number of ...interesting incidents happened this week. Today. Tonight. And something odd happened tonight too, and now I'm left feeling apprehensive about tomorrow (i.e. today).

Sleep time for me now though. Night!

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