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Posted by D on Sunday, February 12, 2012

Still kind of in a funk, sleep-deprived and lethargic. It's been kind of a bleh week. Laptop battery (Sony VAIO) has kind of lived out its lifespan; on a full charge, it dies in under 2 hours. Which isn't enough to last through an entire lecture at times. Need to make a decision on that front, whether to replace the battery or get a netbook/ultrabook/MacBook or something... really bad timing either way, & not looking forward to forking over big dough. 

Penguin (the publishing company) recently launched Razorbill, a Young Adult literature imprint, here in Canada, and held a launch party on Wednesday night at The Baitshop, which was an interesting experience to say the least - my first [publishing] "industry" event. 
Despite a few mishaps (such as distractedly purchasing too many tokens, forgetting to grab a transfer), I managed to get there pretty smoothly via public transit. The Baitshop is a skateshop/gallery sort of place by Queen St. W, so the area was totally unfamiliar. It was a little sketchy finding the Milky Way, which is literally just a dark alleyway, unlit, with really cool graffiti on both sides, that leads to the corner where The Baitshop was tucked away. 

It was kind of intimidating, considering that it was a publishing imprint launch, but really cool to experience nonetheless. Met some really nice people there, which was great. Test in the morning (which I still needed to study for) so unfortunately chose not to partake in the wine. Pretty sure I was one of, if not the, youngest person there. Slightly ironic, considering Razorbill is a YA imprint hehe. 
Mixed feelings about Thursdays usually, because they're the busiest day of the week (in terms of hours of class), but it's also the last day of class for me. This Thursday was pretty brutal - test, lecture, assignment, lecture, tutorial, speed eat, meeting, readings... also dropped by the coffeehouse for the second act & the tail end of the first - all the performers were really good!

Dropped by Shoppers after the meeting and passed by the filming trailers on my way back. They were filming season 2 of Nikita (t.v. series by the CW) in the area again! Based on the trailer signs, looks like we're definitely going to be seeing more of Semak, Ari & Cassandra this season :)
Last semester (also while coming back from Shoppers, ironically) they were filming Nikita and parked here too and I walked by Maggie Q (title character), which was insane. Mad respect for Maggie Q; I just kind of grinned at her with a huge smile as I walked by, but alas was a little too starstruck to say anything.

Speaking of the CW - The Vampire Diaries this week, holy!

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