Posted by D on Thursday, January 31, 2013

This is going to be a post of the #firstworldproblems variety; you've been forewarned. To say that January has been a blur of activity would be a bit of an understatement. It has been a crazy mess of overwhelm and cannot-deal. I've been busy with school and extra-curriculars before, and having spent the past two years on multiple club executive teams, it's not exactly like there was anything particularly new or different this month. 

But somehow the combination of hermit weather, being sick, not being able to sleep at night and not being able to wake up in morning just clashed horribly with classes (and being behind in all of them), hitting crunch time for multiple clubs and miscellaneous other personal things in such a way that was just somehow different from all other seasons of stress previously experienced. 

Looking back on the thirteen resolutions for January... they didn't turn out nearly as well as expected/hoped for. Most of them will probably carry over to February, in some capacity or another. What kind of scares me is the fact that February promises to be even busier. There is so much to do, but what I'm really craving right now is just sleep. 

Speaking of sleep - early this morning, I had a dream where I was wall climbing. Which is kind of random. I've been wall climbing a grand total of something like three times - scared of heights. The first time was at RKY Camp in the seventh grade. I remember that one distinctly, because one of the other girls had a broken leg, cast and all, and somehow pulled herself all the way to the top. (This was an outdoor wall, so it was quite high.) I only made it something like halfway up. 

The subsequent times took place at a local climbing gym, and in Phys. Ed. class (we had the gym set up; come to think of it, the third time would've technically taken place over a number of days and included ropes and such too). Made it to the top those times, but the wall wasn't quite as high, so idk.

Anyway - in the dream, I stood there on the ground, wavering back and forth, wondering if I could just not do it. But then, with an impulsive "screw it" mentality, I decided to just go for it and somehow scaled up not only once, not only twice, but three times in a row. Easy peasy, nothing to it. 

Time to translate. 
A Mediterranean burger I had recently. Haven't properly cooked in ages...

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