Faber Drive @ the 100th Grey Cup Festival

Posted by D on Thursday, December 06, 2012

Saw Faber Drive perform live on November 23rd, 2012 at the 100th Grey Cup Festival with J. We'd gone to Cavalcade of Lights the previous weekend in an attempt to catch Dragonette, but we'd estimated the timing incorrectly (set times weren't posted online, unfortunately) and showed up literally just after she finished. So we made sure to show up plenty early this time, and wandered around the street festival for a bit.
^ We got to sit in a Snowbirds cockpit, which was pretty cool. Lots of complicated switches, gauges, dials, etc.
It was a pretty great set - lots of energy, on key, engaging. Unfortunately it was super windy and chilly that night, so the crowd wasn't huge. (Although on the plus side, that meant we were able to get pretty close to the front).
Both J & I got to touch Dave Faber's hand, which was pretty cool. We also managed to snag some guitar/bass picks (Krikit's & JP's). At one point, about mid-way through the set, Faber switched his toque for a blond wig from some guy in the audience.
JP shredding
All in all, Faber Drive played a great show!

We've resolved to go to more concerts/shows in 2013. Afterwards on the way home, J & I lamented again how we'd also missed Zedd the previous month - we were both totally down to go, but then dallied in purchasing our tickets and show sold out. Double bummer because his latest album, Clarity, is maybe my favourite of 2012. And, y'know, the kid's German and all...

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  1. wow, sitting in the cockpit must have been pretty cool! pilots must be so clever to remember what all those dials do!! :) xx


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