Burger Week 2014

Posted by D on Thursday, June 26, 2014

Burger Week is an annual event in Toronto wherein various restaurants offer up $5 burgers. This year it took place from May 28th to 31st, and was a pretty fantastic run.
Big Smoke Burger (Eaton Centre) - Blazing Pineapple and onion rings. To be honest, the burger wasn't anything to write home about (the glazed pineapple came this-close to being sickeningly sweet), but the onion rings were fantastic. Perfectly crunchy on the outside, but somehow still crisp and super-fresh on the inside, these were among the best onion rings I've had. Went with C.

The Rude Boy (397 Roncesvalles Ave.) - Just looked up what the Burger Week special was, and apparently it consisted of "Brisket/chuck patty with house-cured tongue pastrami, bacon, Thousand Island dressing, Gruyere, and Rude Boy sauerkraut." This was pretty good, and the house chips and pickle strip were wonderful additions. The Parm Fries on the left (which are "triple cooked thick hand cut fries, herbs, shaved parm, jalapeno ketchup") were a wonderful complement too. Went with two of the guys from work, T & Z.

Burger Brats (254 Adelaide St. W) - Can't actually remember which of their burgers this was, but it was delicious. From the photo, it doesn't seem like much to look at, but the flavour was just spot-on. Went with L & S - we cut it dangerously close to closing time (we got there at like 9:50pm), but it was so worth it.

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