London: Day Three

Posted by D on Thursday, February 21, 2013

My third day in London (at the tail end of June) dawned bright & early. I may or may not have gotten lost on the way to meeting up with S & A at S's dorm, and I may or may not have accidentally wandered through a park that grown-ups aren't supposed to go to without a child in tow.

So we take the Underground over to Picadilly Circus and pick up some West End tickets for later that night, check out the M&M store, walk around lots, and check out the Savoy, a super swanky hotel in central London. (Yep, the one where Bev Oda, former Minister of International Co-operation, had all the media hubbub about.) A bought some chocolate for us to share (it was delectable!) and we waxed hopeful for the future. 
Then we did lots of walking around, popped into The National Gallery and looked around quickly, then headed to The British Museum.
^ In front of the Rosetta Stone, which is an ancient Egyptian inscription with the decree written three times, in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Demotic script, and Ancient Greek. Apparently it's been instrumental in decoding Egyptian hieroglyphs. 
It was kind of humbling to see all these amazing relics - so many pieces of legacies of humanity collected in one piece. Due to time constraints we weren't able to explore everything, but we did get to get out the ancient Egyptian and Greek exhibits, and some miscellaneous modern artifacts.
^ Not sure what was happening here, but look at all the police! Very differently uniformed from those in Belgium. Next we headed over to Westminster Abbey, where the Royal Wedding took place in April, 2011.
The architecture in London - in Europe in general, really - is phenomenal! So many photogenic buildings.
After wandering around some more, past New Scotland Yard and through a park, we checked out Buckingham Palace. And seeing as how we were three Canadian expats, we couldn't exactly leave without taking a photo of Canada Gate... (Awkward tourist photobombs continue)
Harrods, a quintessentially British department store, was next on the itinerary. The inside is amazing, definitely very next-level. The chocolate section was insane, the seafood area was really cool, the coffee selection was impressive, and it was just all around awesome. 
I don't actually remember what we had for dinner - probably grabbed something quick from Pret A Manger and booked it over to the Apollo Victoria Theatre for Wicked. First time seeing a West End musical (well, first time in London, period), and wow, what a first! The entire cast was phenomenal, and put on a great show. Rachel Tucker's voice, just wow.
It was decently late by the time we got back to the hostel, but we figured it might be cool to check out a London pub. Alas, we couldn't find an open one decently near by, and ended up settling for more sandwiches from a grocery (?) store instead. A packed, but super productive, third day in London!


  1. Oh I am so envious! I really enjoyed the pics! WOuld love to visit London!
    Let's follow each other honey?

  2. always look forward to trips to the capital, i usually make it down once/twice a year. the National gallery is one of my fav places


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