Posted by D on Tuesday, October 09, 2012

"Here I stand, I can do no other."

- Max Weber, The Vocation Lectures

little girl lost -
confused and alone,
sentient & sapient, consumed in a crowd of:
humans, people, strangers - others.

but what if this little girl is
most other of all? 

what if
this little girl wants, pines, desires to 
contribute, be a part of, mean something to
those others, who are not really other -
so say it were possible to collapse the ideology of their respective others, 
would that thereby eradicate her own otherness? 

maybe this little girl isn't so little any more. 

maybe the world isn't so big; 
maybe the possibilities aren't so endless;
maybe the potential is severely limited;
maybe it's time to forgo the hedonism;
maybe, it's time. 

thinking too much, thinking too little - seeing patterns where coincidences exist, seeing no connections where linkages are present - what is hedonism? what is society? what is it to be selfless? what is it to be selfish? what is the meaning?

what is living?

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