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Posted by D on Saturday, September 01, 2012

Street art, done well, can be highly fascinating. Saw some pretty epic pieces of art (and yeah, some graffiti too) this summer, so I figured I'd share some of those discoveries here:  
Spotted this one on my first night in Paris, not long after arriving. It was pouring rain, nearing eleven o'clock and a little sketchy in the dark as I got my first exposure to Paris (& France, for that matter), but I had to snap a photo (huddled under an umbrella, trying to keep my iPhone dry) when I saw this. 
Found this one in London, England with S & A. The Beatles! The Queen! A red double decker bus! Very British. Banksy
This, too, was spotted in London. This is located beside a tunnel/walkway; saw it on my last day in London on my way to the Tate Modern.
Also London. Found this one while I was just wandering around; can't remember the exact location, but I think it's near Tavistock Square.
Karate tofu! No ideas about the context for this, but hey, tofu is delicious! Bonn, Germany.
What is the plan? Encountered this one with C, J, K & M after a picnic.
Bonn really plays up the whole Beethoven thing (seeing as how it's his birthplace and all - although rumor has it the guy wasn't exactly fond of the place...)
This one's from last year, actually, spotted in Toronto while on an art store/bubble tea expedition with A, E, N & S.

It's actually kind of insane the amount of art there is near train tracks and the U-bahn. Some of the stuff on the barricades looks like it might've been fairly dangerous to put up, really. And there are a lot of really cool pieces near train stations that I wasn't able to snap photos of from the moving train. I've heard that there are some pretty awesome works in Berlin, but alas, wasn't able to make it out to east Germany this time around. Hopefully next time!

Have you spotted any really awesome street art recently? Where?

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