missing liebe Deutschland like mad already

Posted by D on Wednesday, August 08, 2012

It's been a week since I left Germany; hardly feels real. It's funny - this summer has been entirely surreal. On the one hand, it just doesn't seem like real life (being an expat, living on a foreign continent alone, freedom to travel and basically do whatever), but at the same time, it's more real life (40 hour work week, commuting, living on one's own) than normal life (which at this point is school, I suppose). It's certainly been a summer of contrasts. 

On some levels, it hasn't fully sunk in yet that I'm back in Canada now. Logging into CouchSurfing the other night, I was almost surprised to see the location change. I think I've officially caught the travel bug; can't seem to stop fantasizing about where I could go next summer, or whether I can squeeze in a trip somewhere during the winter break. 

A couple of personal projects that I'm hoping to make significant progress on this month, but alas they haven't proceeded nearly as far as I would've liked so far. The hours of each day seem to creep by at an entirely different pace here. 

Missing the people, the culture, the nature...heck, I even kind of miss the taste of the water, the consistency of the Nutella, the frischk√§se... Also really missing the prospect of possibility that comes with living in a foreign place, the feeling that something extraordinary and unexpected could happen at any time, the knowledge that different things and experiences are readily available for discovering. 

^ Photo taken on the tarmac at CGN (Cologne-Bonn), pre-departure for Amsterdam. The sun was just starting to rise over the horizon line. That, in conjunction with a 4am taxi ride with head-banging techno music being blasted as we raced down the autobahn at like 140 km/h, barely able to see 15 feet ahead in the dark, seemed like a fitting send-off. 

So much for recapping things in order. Will try to backtrack and recount some more of this summer's adventures throughout the course of this month though! Let's make August a worthy last month of summer break. 


  1. oooh, believe me - I know this feeling all too well. I got back almost 2 months ago, and I am constantly trying to figure out ways to get back to Germany. I feel like once you've spent a good chunk of your life there, there's no escaping - you will always want to go back!

  2. That's insane, living in Germany for the summer. It sounds you had an awesome time! I really want to travel abroad when I'm in university.

  3. Ah, I understand this so much.. It's true that there's this sense of freedom and magical sense of "anything could happen" overseas. I guess, because we've broken away from our routines, there seems to be more adventure even if life is quite tame.

    I'm heading home soon after two years of travel (with stints working overseas to maintain travel)

    I'm nervous about how it's going to feel walking around a corner and knowing exactly what is there, in terms of buildings, shops... and opportunity.

    Ah, hopefully it's a short break to recharge the batteries and head off somewhere exciting.

    You should travel more, it's the best.

    Besos xo

  4. Alyx - I know, right? It definitely seems like a lot of expats who've been to Germany end up strongly attached and wanting to go back!

    kyleen - You definitely should! It's an amazing experience :)

    Izy - Recharging the batteries is good - more energy for the next big adventure then!


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