Indie Coffee Passport

Posted by D on Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back in 2013, I started compiling a list of indie coffeeshops in Toronto that I wanted to check out. The list, scrawled on a sticky note stuck to the wall in front of my desk, continued to grow longer and longer until it had surpassed 30 different coffeeshops.

Yet somehow I found myself back at Starbucks, time after time.

This afternoon I picked up an Indie Coffee Passport. It's an initiative that's available in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vermont, Chicago, East Bay, Washington DC and Oakland. A bunch of indie coffeeshops participate; you pick up a passport and then you get to sample a coffee (out of a limited list) from each of the places participating.

Pretty excited to check out some local indie coffee spots over the next few months.

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